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 Endlessly inspired by craft,  storytelling, and opportunities to "live the life" of our characters

as we find them within ourselves.  

Although early NYC training at the historic Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen studio instilled a never-ending passion for acting; it was the beauty and journeys of persons through stories or my imagination, that occupied most of my days as a child. Intensive on-camera training brought depth, impact, and richness to my tool box opening a bolder and more powerful lens from which to communicate these worlds. My website traces some history and current happenings on-camera and on stage, and of course a way to be in touch.

Dramatic Clip
Theatrical Demo Reel
A Final Promise


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Film Stills


imaginary worlds...period drama


Creating the world, the story, the truth.

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me?


Reviews and Photos

"Carla Lewis ...  begins as the Duchess of Gloucester and her scene is brilliantly played. .. there is a sensitivity in her playing that is simply matchless. She then morphs into Northumberland whose strength and sincerity Lewis brings forward beautifully."

Berkshire Bright Focus   |   Peter Bergman 2018  |  Richard II Review

"Maggie is played exquisitely by Carla Lewis who woozes sugar one minute and is razor sharp the next."

WKBA Radio   |   David Massey


Carla Susan Lewis as

Countess Felicita Bonini

Brocade at Theater for the New City

Shakespeare Rehearsal

"An almost constant presence, though her stage time is limited, is Luisa, played by Carla Lewis. It is Luisa's task to be the wise one among the many smart ones. She is the comforting mother image Emily has never known; she is the professional trainer and supervisor Emily must learn to tolerate; she is the best friend possible when Medium Molly almost destroys Emily’s growing faith in the human race. She is the thread binding Emily, the impactful rosebud, to the high impassive felt hat of the world's reality. Without Luisa, sensitively interpreted by Lewis, Emily would be almost too hard to accept.  "

Berkshire Edge   |   Peter Bergman

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